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Toxic Positivity

Posted by on May 4, 2020

In the last 6-8 weeks I’ve heard a lot of people work to find the positive in our current ‘shelter in place’ situation. We’ve seen humanity at its best and worst. We’ve gained new skills (or reacquainted ourselves with them: hello new homeschool teachers, homemade bread bakers, homemade disinfectant makers, homemade…well, you get it). And, we’ve worked to provide our kids with a sense of safety and assurance that we are doing the best we can with what resources we do and do not have. Which is amazing. We’ve risen to the occasion and become resilient.

However, I think it is absolutely imperative to acknowledge the difficulty in this season. The difficult piece looks different for each of us. Some of my very favorite extroverted people are near their breaking point in feeling lonely. Some of my friends are up to their ears in homeschool expectations, new apps, and working to manage their work, Zoom calls, and keeping up their home. If you see people thriving in this season, recognize that you don’t have the full picture. You didn’t see the fight that it took to get the worksheet done, or the kiddo that walked through the Skype board meeting (half clothed) to ask for a glass of water, or the bottom half of their fashion choices for the day. This season is hard, and there are many moments that are unpleasant, grueling, and crummy. It’s ok to acknowledge that and not plaster a smile on our face. Vulnerability breeds growth and it is ok to be vulnerable in this season. The other day I had a handful of sour gummy worms for breakfast. Was it my proudest moment as an adult? No. Did I make it through the day? Yes (and yes Mom, I did have more balanced/healthier meals later in the day, I promise).

I caution you to avoid toxic positivity. This kind of positivity is just as dangerous as being overly negative and just as unrealistic as the expectations that many of us are placing upon ourselves to be perfect in a season of unknown. I urge you to remain in contact with your support system and let them know how you are doing. Cry if you need to. Be mad at the virus if you need to. Find connection in sharing your fears and confusion. If we acknowledge these things, they become a bit more manageable, perhaps even laughable (something we all need right now) and if nothing else, we gain affirmation that we are not alone. We are reminded that God’s plan is bigger than any plan we thought we could put into action. Acknowledge the hard stuff and then work to move forward. Avoid the temptation to wallow. Don’t live in the denial of the difficulty. Embrace it, give yourself the grace that you would give anyone else in your situation, realizing that we were not meant to do ALL the things. Find something to do to care for yourself—take a walk, get away from your screens, give that pet (who is very confused about why you are home all the time right now) some extra love, take 5 minutes to snuggle that little person who just mastered pterodactyl screeches… and most importantly, take a deep breath and remember, the One who is in control has a plan greater than we can imagine.

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