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Somewhere Between Always and Never

Posted by on May 1, 2018

In counseling coursework, clinicians are charged with setting up ground rules and expectations for clients in our office. The purpose is to promote safety, calm nerves, and provide a structure to our sessions. Several principles run through my mind as I think of these classroom exercises—do not harm clients, keep clients safe, ensure that the limits of confidentiality are understood, etc. However, the principle I want to talk about today is the rule of using “always and/or never” in the office. Whether we, the clinician are discussing our client and their progress, or the client is using words to describe how they perceive themselves or others, this practice is unhealthy. “You never listen,” or “ I always show up on time,” or “I never succeed,” “You always put me last.” It’s painful to write those statements, but these absolutes, when used in conversation can be painful to hear and they are simply untrue.

My first counseling encounter using this principle was while mediating roommate conflicts in college apartments. As a resident advisor this principle opened up difficult conversations and provided an avenue for empathy between roommates and classmates. At its surface, this idea is one of grace—giving individuals room for error and the ability to be imperfect. As an imperfect member of many groups of people I am grateful for that grace.

Last week, however, it came to my attention that while this principle makes sense and is grace filled, I did not know the magnitude of or the bigger ‘why’ behind it. And, the why is important. Punch you in the gut important. I was reminded of this while sitting at a retreat, listening to a wise woman talk about how absolutes should only be used as descriptors of our Creator. The leader gave us this quote from the Jen Wilkin book None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing):

“When we apply the terms always or never to other people, we speak an untruth. Human beings don’t always or never anything. We just aren’t that consistent. We frequently, we fairly regularly, we often or habitually, but we don’t always or never.

As finite and mutable creatures, we cannot lay claim to these terms, either as pejoratives or as praise. They can only truly be spoken of God.”

How ignorant and arrogant are we! How many times each day—in or outside of the counseling office do we use absolutes? I would be ashamed and taken aback if I counted the absolutes that I use for just a few hours. The Creator of the universe, Beginning and End, the only one who will ALWAYS be the same and has NEVER changed is the only being who can and should be described as such.

What a comfort to know that we have a constant in this ever-changing chaotic place. For worse of for better, change is inevitable because we (pay close attention my fellow control freaks) are not in control. He is the same yesterday as today and will be constant tomorrow. But, we change. At the heart of the therapeutic relationship is the belief that change is possible—I wouldn’t be a counselor if I didn’t believe that. Change is often a great thing! However, for me it is imperative to give myself the reminder that I cannot remain constant and the idea that I think I could, or that I have the ability to place that expectation upon someone else is idolatry.

So, next time you start to use an absolute (just give yourself a few minutes, it happens frequently), take a step back—are you idolizing yourself? Are you putting an unrealistic expectation on someone else? Are you marginalizing others? Regardless, we are degrading something that can only be attributed to our Heavenly Father and I encourage you to hesitate before ascribing such a reverent descriptor to anyone but God.


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