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Poise Under Pressure

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017


A new word has entered my vocabulary lately. It comes from a recent Sunday school class I was teaching on parenting with grace. The word is poise. It means graceful and elegant bearing in a person or persons. In the context of the class I was teaching, it was something we parents like to call a “pipe dream.” When your kids aren’t listening as you try to rush them out the door in the morning or when you find out your teenager went to that party you asked them not to. These are real life events where a parent’s poise is put to the test.

A friend of mine happened to be attending class on the same day we were discussing this new concept. He’s a retired United States Navy pilot. He’s seen war, up close and personal. He shared an electric story that would forever sear the importance of poise into my mind. He told us about a military mission that took place during the first Gulf War. He was personally involved in this battle. The operation was falling apart due to the destruction of a tank, and chaos was reigning in the moment. Nothing was going as it had been planned and the commanding officer lost his composure as well as his temper. My friend stated that not only did the officer crumble under pressure and lose his poise, he also lost something much more important: the respect and faith of his men. That single galvanizing moment followed the officer for the rest of his military career. His soldiers forever questioned his leadership and were wary of going into battle with someone who could not maintain composure under pressure.

Sometimes we like to trick ourselves into thinking most of life should be easy. We aren’t prepared for the trials of life and we lose our cool when things don’t go as planned, or when they don’t go our way. But when we lose our poise, we can also easily lose the respect of others. Those around us lose faith in our ability to handle tough situations. Maybe that’s our spouse, children, or family. Maybe it’s our co-workers or friends. Maintaining poise under pressure is vital to becoming better versions of ourselves. Progress in our personal lives rarely comes easy. Going through tough times provides us with the opportunity to build a sense of poise, and cultivating this virtue is a battle worthy of the struggle.

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Thank You!

We hope everyone is able to get out and breathe some fresh air with this beautiful spring weather popping up. Is it here to stay? We don’t know. What we do know is how thankful we are for all the consistent Partners who continue to support us each month. We want to mention our new partner in this month’s “Thank You Notes”:

  • Thank you, Kevin Rohrback and Jersey Mike’s Subs in Blue Springs, for choosing Peace Partnership as your charity of choice for your Month of Giving. We are honored to be a part of this amazing fundraising event.

Thank you, Kevin Rohrback and Jersey Mike’s Subs in Blue Springs, for choosing Peace Partnership as your charity of choice for your Month of Giving. We are honored to be a part of this amazing fundraising event.

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