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Patience: A Difficult Virtue

Posted by on Feb 3, 2020

Have you ever heard the saying, “pray for patience and you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice it?” What an annoyingly accurate little adage. For me, a consistently proactive planner, patience is difficult for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that patience tests my trust in the Lord’s timing, rather than Lindsay’s timing. While we all need patience, few of us work to cultivate this trait in our lives. Here are a few reasons it is a great character trait to develop.

1.) Waiting
Waiting is a skill—one we learn in preschool and kindergarten. Waiting is a reminder that there is beauty in the journey, not just the destination. Good things take time and going first is not always what is best for us. Learning to wait in lines, in traffic, or anywhere teaches us the importance of patience and, it may be protecting us from something we may not understand. I’ve driven past a lot of wrecks that could have been me if I’d sped along faster or left work earlier. I’ve missed some fun events because of illness, prior obligations, or oversleeping. My friend Deb calls this “having our tail salted,” meaning that the Lord is slowing us down like a bird who cannot fly with salt on its tail. This could be out of protection from harm or a greater good that is to come.

2.) Technology
It is amazing what I can do from my phone. Pay bills, talk to my long-lost New York City roommates, listen to a book, and even order my Chipotle so that it is ready when I arrive at the restaurant. However, technology isn’t perfect and I’ve witnessed (and yes, also participated in) the technology meltdown. You know the one, where the toddler throws an all out fit when the phone is taken away, or the adult throws the phone across the room when it doesn’t work the instant they want it to. From ages 1-85 poor reactions and social interactions are lost because of objects that are imperfect and our impatient reliance upon them.

3.) Problem Solving/Goal Development
Patience provides us with the opportunity to think outside the box, rather than getting the answer instantly. Think about the pre-Google days when we were not allowed to use our calculators to solve math problems and we were required to show our work. We gained practice, perseverance and a greater skill to better prepare us for the future when we were allowed to problem solve. As far as our goals, patience breeds resilience, even in the face of adversity. Crafting long-term goals and having the perseverance to see them through despite challenge and failure is a skill we should cultivate in ourselves at every age.

4.) Wellness
Mental and physical wellness are greater when we are patient. Patience allows us to try a new habit, stick with an exercise routine, or wait for the longer-term effects of a medication. As with many of the habits that make us unwell, the habits we cultivate in order to pursue wellness, take time to take effect. We cannot expect instantaneous positive change; we have to put in the work and time which requires the practice of patience—even when things get difficult.

5.) Friendship and Parenting
Patience makes us someone that others genuinely enjoy being around. If we truly listen and are invested in relationships, patience must exist. Patience requires an empathic response to the other person in the relationship and a willingness to wait while the other person might need to learn a lesson or experience growth. Think about the mama who lets her little one try and fail at a new skill several times, even though she could do it herself. Or, remember the friend who shows up at your door just to listen after a devastating loss—we must have and grow our patience in order to do these things well.

6.) Trust
Here is the one I already mentioned. We don’t always get to know why we don’t get what we want. Sometimes things and people are taken away from us on a timeline that does not seem fair. We want the reason and we don’t always get the answer. This test of trust in God’s bigger plan (often one we don’t get to fully comprehend this side of heaven) requires patience and trust in the process—the understanding that what is best for us is not always what we believe is right at the time.

There are many other reasons we need to grow in our patience and, at times, we need patience for a variety of these purposes. As you are presented with opportunities to be patient, think through how you can cultivate an attitude of patience and model it well for those around you. This will help you build your capacity to wait, improve your health, and make you a better friend/parent. It may also help you untether from technology and grow in your trust of a future you cannot see.

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