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Learning to Fall Up

Posted by on Feb 1, 2018

Collaboration is an important part of the Peace Partnership culture. My colleagues and I often find ourselves sitting in one of our offices trying to find best-practice solutions to the difficulties we see our clients face. One of the most frequent issues we try to define and work toward understanding is resilience. Resilience can be elusive and can make or break us when difficult things cross our paths. Because of its importance, I try to help clients develop a sense of resilience and provide resources on how to make resilience a part of who an individual is at their core.

Resilience is one of those traits that we can’t always readily define, but we know it when we see it. I found two definitions that seemed consistent with what I believe resilience is composed of; first, Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance defines resilience as, “Having passion and perseverance for long term goals.” I like that definition, but I think it’s incomplete. The Building Learning Character Development Program adds a necessary ingredient to our definition of resilience: “the ability to bounce back after adversity or disappointment; being able to manage and adapt to sources of stress or adversity.”

How do we cultivate resilience in children? As clinicians, one of the foundational principles we believe is that people can change. Fostering resilience plays into this belief. Rather than helicopter parenting, avoiding conflict, and fleeing from conflict we must allow experiences that could, in the moment, produce age-appropriate levels of anxiety. As one researcher stated,



Discomfort is where resilience is built. When we allow our children (or ourselves for that matter) to avoid hardship we reinforce on a neurological level that we cannot tolerate adversity or conflict. When we reinforce avoidance by avoiding and calling that an ok response, we end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m not saying that we throw our children to the wolves and expect them to figure life out on their own. In my experience, I have found it important to play upon the strengths we see in our children. There are areas where our kids exude resilience. Notice the areas of your child’s life where you see a natural sense of resilience and grit, then find creative ways to transfer those skills to areas where growth is needed.

All good parents want to raise resilient kids, and allowing kids to experience failure is an important part of that process. Oftentimes natural consequences can be a powerful teacher. If we avoid failure at all costs we’ve lost out on one of the greatest natural learning experiences kids have access to. When we model to our kids an attitude of stick-to-itiveness during our difficulties, we model perseverance and resilience. Research reinforces what many of us already know: that individuals who live life with grit are those who live their life as if it were a marathon and not a sprint.

Developing a growth mindset helps develop grit and teaches us that learning can change with time and effort. When we teach our children, students, or clients that failure is not a place of permanence but, rather, a step in the road toward positive change, we foster the grit and resilience that we so desperately desire for them.




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