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Focusing on the What Instead of the Why

Posted by on May 1, 2019

Have you ever experienced stressors, worries, and trials that leave you asking the automatic questions: Why? Why is this happening to me? Why do I deserve this? Why isn’t this over yet? I could go on and on but you get it. There is great merit in evaluating our choices and circumstances. It helps us recognize unhealthy patterns and work toward avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

The more important question here is: What? What can I do to change my circumstances? What am I willing to do to change my circumstances? What will change if I keep doing the same thing?

With children, I often focus on changing the Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) that take over and get stuck in their mind when something frustrating or scary comes up for them. This term was coined by Dr. Daniel Amen in the early 90’s and provides some representation to negative thoughts that make them more tangible. These ANTs have the ability to:

  • change our body chemistry
  • shrink our brains
  • give us physical and emotional symptomology

In short, they can tank us for the rest of the day or longer if we let them. We work to combat the ANT with the truth (Dr. Amen calls this the ANTeater that polices our mind). Doing so begins to discipline our mind. For example,

ANT: I will fail the test tomorrow.
Truth: I have studied for this test, I am well prepared, I passed the practice test.

With this simple focus shift we’ve changed our thinking from negative to positive, solved the problem, and worked to provide additional support and solutions. This feels good. This affirms what we already know and brushes off those pesky ANTs. This doesn’t happen instantaneously. Changing our ANTs takes time and, for awhile, it feels clunky and cumbersome. However, if we stop to address them, over time, the positive (and more accurate) thought will become the automatic thought.

With adults, the perspective shift from why to what can do the same thing. As anxiety and depression continue to rise in prevalence and severity, we can utilize this thinking shift proactively both when we feel fine and when we are in the throes of these diagnoses that can feel inescapable.

Giving yourself and your kids grace in the midst of reframing and adjusting our thought patterns in this process is imperative. It took time for the ANTs to take over and it will take some time to get rid of them. If you struggle with the why or Automatic Negative Thoughts (hint: we ALL do), I encourage you to challenge your thinking, ask what you can do, rather than getting stuck in the why. The why is helpful in identifying and helping us pinpoint the problem so that we can then work to find the solution. What can you do to work toward healing today? Are you willing?


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