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Counseling is For The Rich

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013

The average cost to see a master’s level mental health professional in the Kansas City area is $80 per session. Based on a bi-monthly schedule, that adds up to be just under $2,000 annually. If the individual or family is lucky enough to have a mental health writer on their insurance policy, they will often need to meet a deductible (anywhere between $2k-$10k) and average a $20-$30 copay for a maximum of 6-8 sessions. After the completion of those 6-8 sessions, the full $80 session fee becomes the individual’s responsibility. Without mental health insurance, counseling is rarely a financially viable option.

Why do we charge people so little? Sylvan Learning Centers have high academic tutoring success rates, but also come with an associated cost. If results were the only thing that counted, there would be a Sylvan Learning Center on every block in America. Money is a logistical problem for many families—if they have to choose between groceries and therapy sessions, groceries will win every time.

In our office you will never pay more than $25 for a session. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between the various socioeconomic groups in the greater Kansas City area. We believe good mental health should be a viable option for everyone. It is to this ideal we are dedicated.

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