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Choosing Thankfulness in a Thankless World

Posted by on Nov 1, 2017

I wrote this article on a Monday. Mondays generally provide me with a choice: to be thankful or thankless. I can wake up thankful for a new week, a fresh start, gainful employment, and the opportunity to support people as they journey toward greater wellness or, I can be cranky that it is Monday, sad to leave my puppy, and grouchy that another day of the daily grind has sucked me up into it.

Some Mondays, I make the healthy choice. I choose to avoid the stinkin’ thinkin’ that I caution the elementary school students I work with against, and I set myself up for a successful week. Other Monday’s I am like Christian from Pilgrim’s Progress and I get stuck in the John Bunyan described ‘slew of despond’ – my self-indulgent thinking. It sounds just as gross as it feels to sit in my thanklessness. Murky, muddy, filth. Choosing to sit in this, rather than ask for help to get me out is a terrific way to ruin the rest of my week.

Recently I’ve been reminded of the importance of setting myself up for a thankful attitude, rather than sitting in my slew of despond. For me, this looks like putting boundaries on my weekend time, saying no to some opportunities that sound really great but take me away from the places my heart needs to invest, limiting my time on social media, and spending a part of each day outside.

Our culture has much to worry, grumble, and complain about. Our minds can be fraught with concerns and selfish thinking. It’s easy to find our worst-case scenario. However, the breeze I feel sitting in the sunshine this afternoon is a small and simple reminder that I have much to be thankful for, no matter how bad my case of the Mondays might feel. What do you have to be thankful for? How can you work toward avoiding the ever-tempting slew of despond?

I am thankful for each one of you and what you mean to Peace Partnership,



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