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Choosing Joy

Posted by on Aug 1, 2017


In a world where the news and social media constantly bombard us with bad news and tragedy it seems counter-cultural to center our focus on joy. However, shifting our focus toward joy teaches us important lessons. My understanding of this began during a particularly rough season at the end of college.

Finding Joy in Emotional Support

In college, as a member of student government at King’s College, I was required to meet with two advisors on a regular basis. First, I met with Jacinda, the advisor of my house (think Harry Potter). Jacinda, a counselor, dug deep into life with me. I cried in her apartment or a random Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan weekly as she met me where I was at, challenged my thinking, and pushed me toward a greater understanding of myself. Of course, she also allowed me to confide and commiserate about boy troubles too. Jacinda never gave me answers. Never. Not one time. This irritated me to no end and I remember telling her so on many occasions. Jacinda taught me—more than any classes I could take—how to love people where they are and join them on their journey, rather than taking their journey hostage.

Finding Joy in Being Known and Meeting the Physical Needs of Others

The second individual I met with regularly was the Dean of Students, Eric. Eric taught me many valuable lessons during my time at King’s but the most important was that of purposefully seeking joy. My senior year was full of questions and a wave of uncertainty about my future. I was leading a group of women and working to craft unique and engaging community-it was difficult. Not knowing what the future held for me, while trying to inspire other women to invest in a community I was preparing to leave, was physically and emotionally draining. Eric easily saw that I was going through the motions as an individual and as a leader. He challenged me to flee from mediocrity. Each week that I entered his office—another location that I cried in frequently—I was met with the questions: Where did you seek joy this week? How can you choose joy? And finally, who are you loving well and modeling joy to in your house? That year, Eric and I memorized the following verse, James 1:2-4.



We recited this at the beginning of our meetings. Eric gently challenged me to find joy in my daily life and inspired me to create opportunities to provide joy to others through my investment in their story.

Finding Joy in the How, not the What

These people, their character, and the lessons they challenged me with many years ago are intricately woven into my personal and professional life. I wanted them to give me answers. However, what they gave me was far more valuable—the ability to find my own answers while being supported in that discovery. If Jacinda or Eric had only spoken to me of the end goal, or what I needed to be or do in 6 months, a year, or 5 years I would have missed the beautiful (and messy) opportunity to understand who I was created to be. I would have lost out on the discovery of what I needed to thrive, rather than merely survive a difficult season. Often, we want to push others through their journey or expect them to be where we are on ours. Jesus met the woman at the well where she was on her journey. Because of this, she came to faith. Pushing people to be where I want them to be is not effective in the office or at home. Alternatively, growth is encouraged when we desire to challenge ourselves and challenge often includes growing pains. How do you seek growth and joy in your life and who do you surround yourself with to encourage that?



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As summer is coming to a close, we are reflecting on the events of last month and want to say a huge thank you to Craig & Samantha Compton for hosting a Peace Partnership BBQ and to all of their friends who attended. We were honored to be introduced to each of you and look forward to working alongside you to reach more children and families in our community. We owe a big thanks to some of our Peace Partners in this month’s “Thank You Notes”:

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