Peace Partnership
1 Feb

Learning to Fall Up

Collaboration is an important part of the Peace Partnership culture. My colleagues and I often find ourselves sitting in one of our offices trying to find best-practice solutions to the difficulties we see our clients face. One of the most frequent issues we try to define and work toward understanding is resilience. Resilience can be […]

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2 Jan

3 Ways to Inspire Hope in the New Year

Hollywood abuse allegations. Capitol Hill scandals. The Houston flood. Wildfires in California. The Las Vegas shooting. Am I the only one who feels like we have been drowning in bad news lately? Worse, there seems to be no end in sight. As a counselor, I tread these waters daily, but lately it is getting more […]

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1 Dec

Why Exceptionalism Is Killing Us (Literally)

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There’s this guy you know. You know the one: he’s good at everything. He’s successful, he’s funny—really funny, he looks like he could be a personal trainer, he’s really smart, everyone likes him, he has the perfect family, he ages like a fine wine, if he’s going to the Christmas party everyone else will go […]

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1 Nov

Choosing Thankfulness in a Thankless World

I wrote this article on a Monday. Mondays generally provide me with a choice: to be thankful or thankless. I can wake up thankful for a new week, a fresh start, gainful employment, and the opportunity to support people as they journey toward greater wellness or, I can be cranky that it is Monday, sad […]

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3 Oct

Emotional Efficiency

  One of the biggest problems to plague my home is time management. I love being early. I like to sit in the back and observe from a distance. My wife and kids don’t mind showing up late for the majority of things on our schedule, and sometimes it’s even preferred. It gets better: they […]

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