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1 May

Focusing on the What Instead of the Why

Have you ever experienced stressors, worries, and trials that leave you asking the automatic questions: Why? Why is this happening to me? Why do I deserve this? Why isn’t this over yet? I could go on and on but you get it. There is great merit in evaluating our choices and circumstances. It helps us […]

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2 Apr

Pills Won’t Solve Your Problems

I recently clicked on the link to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution titled, “ADHD Drugs Can Lead to Psychosis.” As a concerned parent whose child has ADD the headline caught my eye. Of course, after I followed the link, I saw the actual title of the article was “ADHD Drugs Can Lead to […]

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1 Mar

Why We Blame & How To Do It Better

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“It was the dog, mom. I swear.”“Me?! You’re the one who’s always messing around!”“It’s not my fault you can’t get your facts straight.” There are lots of “low level” reasons people blame. We blame to avoid consequences. We blame to make ourselves look better. We blame to make other people look bad. The list goes […]

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1 Feb

The Heart of Vulnerability

Vulnerability. Reading the word can incite a surge of anxiety in some of us. Many people have anxiety over going to counseling because of vulnerability. When we (finally) walk into the counseling office we have a few options. We can face our desire to avoid vulnerability head on, spend some time learning to meet our […]

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4 Jan

Tech: The New Cholesterol

Does anyone remember when butter became public enemy number one? I remember my grandmother complaining about how grandaddy couldn’t eat eggs and bacon anymore because it was so bad for him. Something he’d grown up doing. Over the last 30 years or so cholesterol and saturated fat became dirty words. Americans had grown accustomed to […]

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