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4 May

Toxic Positivity

In the last 6-8 weeks I’ve heard a lot of people work to find the positive in our current ‘shelter in place’ situation. We’ve seen humanity at its best and worst. We’ve gained new skills (or reacquainted ourselves with them: hello new homeschool teachers, homemade bread bakers, homemade disinfectant makers, homemade…well, you get it). And, […]

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6 Apr

Hope in Times of Crisis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The best medicine for anxiety and depression is hope. Yes, I’m well aware of the ins and outs of the clinical diagnostic features for both anxiety and depression. And I’m also aware that there are, at times, biological mechanisms at work where pharmacological remedies are warranted […]

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2 Mar

How To Slay Your Dragons

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“That which you most want to find will be found where you least want to look.”[1] Think About Your Thinking Most people cruise through their days more-or-less on autopilot. If you take yourself off autopilot and begin to really think about what’s occupying your thoughts it can be eye-opening. Research psychologists call this metacognition, which […]

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3 Feb

Patience: A Difficult Virtue

Have you ever heard the saying, “pray for patience and you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice it?” What an annoyingly accurate little adage. For me, a consistently proactive planner, patience is difficult for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that patience tests my trust in the Lord’s timing, rather than Lindsay’s timing. […]

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6 Jan

Overcoming the Enemy Within

Whenever we think of Jesus’ famous words, “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you,” we typically reflect on someone who’s been a pain in one way or another. Or worse yet, someone who has really had it out for us, or abused us in some way. We don’t typically think of ourselves. […]

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