Peace Partnership
1 July

Am I Worthy?

Identity is a tricky thing. Each of us, on one level or another, identifies ourselves as something. We do this because identity helps us to determine our value. If you identify as someone polite and respected, you will most likely have a high sense of identity. If you identify as someone socially unacceptable then you will […]

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1 June

Mom… I’m Bored!

Well, school is out for the summer and if you are one of those parents thinking “WHAT NOW?!” you have come to the right place!! Video games and TV can only keep kids entertained for so long before the dreaded phrase, “MOM……I’m bored!”. Never fear! Here is a list of summer activities that will help you keep your […]

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1 May

Fire Up The Grill

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Thank you to everyone who made our March fundraiser lunch at Graceway a success! We enjoyed the opportunity to share how God is using Peace Partnership to impact the families in our community and appreciated hearing from Jeff Adams – Pastor at Graceway, Kathy Ambrose – Principal at William Southern Elementary, as well as our […]

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