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1 Feb

The Heart of Vulnerability

Vulnerability. Reading the word can incite a surge of anxiety in some of us. Many people have anxiety over going to counseling because of vulnerability. When we (finally) walk into the counseling office we have a few options. We can face our desire to avoid vulnerability head on, spend some time learning to meet our […]

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4 Jan

Tech: The New Cholesterol

Does anyone remember when butter became public enemy number one? I remember my grandmother complaining about how grandaddy couldn’t eat eggs and bacon anymore because it was so bad for him. Something he’d grown up doing. Over the last 30 years or so cholesterol and saturated fat became dirty words. Americans had grown accustomed to […]

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3 Dec

Happiness Is Not Enough

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  “Why would anyone else have the answers to your life but you?” “Sure I’m selfish. This is my happiness we’re talking about; I have every right to be.” “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” “Cheer up man! We’re only here for 80 years so you’ve got to enjoy yourself.” Sometimes I marvel at the […]

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1 Nov

Taming Technology

  I’m sure you knew this article was coming. This is the article where I share why I think that too much screen time is unhealthy. I won’t even make it just about the kiddos that I see—it is about all of us. My iPhone has this new feature where it tells me how much […]

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3 Oct

Fall-ing Apart

  Summer’s over, and as the days begin to get shorter our list of activities gets longer. Kids are back to school, with homework, and PTA fundraisers, teachers’ nights, and school programs. Fall sports are back too, with practices during the week and games on Saturday and Sunday. If you attend church there’s fall carnivals […]

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