Peace Partnership
4 May

Perfecting Failure

Recently finishing my doctorate and professional licensure exposed me to a multitude of setbacks and failures. I have since recovered from the academic chaos that was the last 3+ years, caught up on a lot of missed sleep, and now, upon reflection, am reminded of the lessons learned from each of my “failures”. In failure […]

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1 Dec


   Expressing our thanks to others is common practice. Often, from an early age we are required to practice our manners by saying please and thank you (albeit begrudgingly) at the request of our parents. With the season of giving and thankfulness upon us, this practice can do more than give us warm fuzzies […]

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1 Aug

Tips & Tools for Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

  It’s that time again. School supply ads are inundating our TV’s, inboxes, and mailboxes. It could only mean one thing—Back to School! This time of year brings about a lot of change for our kids—no matter what their age or stage. I recently presented on the emotional needs of kids and I’ve included some […]

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