Peace Partnership
1 May

Somewhere Between Always and Never

In counseling coursework, clinicians are charged with setting up ground rules and expectations for clients in our office. The purpose is to promote safety, calm nerves, and provide a structure to our sessions. Several principles run through my mind as I think of these classroom exercises—do not harm clients, keep clients safe, ensure that the […]

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1 Feb

Learning to Fall Up

Collaboration is an important part of the Peace Partnership culture. My colleagues and I often find ourselves sitting in one of our offices trying to find best-practice solutions to the difficulties we see our clients face. One of the most frequent issues we try to define and work toward understanding is resilience. Resilience can be […]

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1 Nov

Choosing Thankfulness in a Thankless World

I wrote this article on a Monday. Mondays generally provide me with a choice: to be thankful or thankless. I can wake up thankful for a new week, a fresh start, gainful employment, and the opportunity to support people as they journey toward greater wellness or, I can be cranky that it is Monday, sad […]

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1 Aug

Choosing Joy

  In a world where the news and social media constantly bombard us with bad news and tragedy it seems counter-cultural to center our focus on joy. However, shifting our focus toward joy teaches us important lessons. My understanding of this began during a particularly rough season at the end of college. Finding Joy in […]

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4 May

Perfecting Failure

Recently finishing my doctorate and professional licensure exposed me to a multitude of setbacks and failures. I have since recovered from the academic chaos that was the last 3+ years, caught up on a lot of missed sleep, and now, upon reflection, am reminded of the lessons learned from each of my “failures”. In failure […]

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