Peace Partnership
2 Nov

The Gift I Hated…

A few years ago, I went to pick up a kiddo from his classroom for his in-school counseling session. He shot up from his seat the moment I arrived (I tend to have that affect since I take them from class) and dashed back to his backpack, rummaging around until he produced a gaudy mesh-y […]

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6 Aug

Is That Wise?

Oftentimes in my office, clients share with me concerns members of their support system have and how they believe the client should deal with a particular situation. I am astonished at some of the advice and expectations people have for their hurting friends and family. My bigger concern is the eagerness clients have to do […]

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4 May

Toxic Positivity

In the last 6-8 weeks I’ve heard a lot of people work to find the positive in our current ‘shelter in place’ situation. We’ve seen humanity at its best and worst. We’ve gained new skills (or reacquainted ourselves with them: hello new homeschool teachers, homemade bread bakers, homemade disinfectant makers, homemade…well, you get it). And, […]

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3 Feb

Patience: A Difficult Virtue

Have you ever heard the saying, “pray for patience and you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice it?” What an annoyingly accurate little adage. For me, a consistently proactive planner, patience is difficult for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that patience tests my trust in the Lord’s timing, rather than Lindsay’s timing. […]

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4 Nov

It’s Like You’re My Mirror!

Several months ago, my dear friend sent me a personal message about her sweet 3-year-old who was a soon-to-be big brother. “Lindsay, he’s anxious, he’s regressing, I can tell. I have anxiety so I know and I don’t think he will be able to share me with the baby. Will he be ready for preschool? […]

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