Peace Partnership
1 Apr

Are You Emotionally Healthy?

When it comes to spring we often think of it as a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a way to start over and prepare for the new growth ahead. One way we celebrate the kickoff of spring is by doing a little bit of spring-cleaning, we get rid of the old, decide what […]

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1 Oct

Anxiety, Fear & Stress: What can you do?

Anxiety. It’s a subject many of us deal with but few know how to fix. Some stress in life is normal, as long as it is motivating you to take action. The problem happens when anxiety immobilizes us instead of pushing us to take action. Anxiety can ruin our lives if we let it. Anxiety […]

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1 June

Mom… I’m Bored!

Well, school is out for the summer and if you are one of those parents thinking “WHAT NOW?!” you have come to the right place!! Video games and TV can only keep kids entertained for so long before the dreaded phrase, “MOM……I’m bored!”. Never fear! Here is a list of summer activities that will help you keep your […]

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