Peace Partnership
25 Mar

Don’t Exhaust Your Children

An undisciplined child is not just exhausting to parents. They zap energy from all those with whom they come into contact with. They drain their teachers, their grandparents, and even the grocery store clerk. A child who does not know or respond to boundaries will grow into an adult who is selfish, overbearing, and ultimately […]

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25 Feb

Forgiveness Is Not Forgetting

Believe it or not, forgiveness is something counselors deal with on a daily basis. When most people think about counseling, they consider the consequences of their own personal behavior. They come into the office saying, “There is something wrong with me.” While our behavior often reflects internal battles, understanding forgiveness can go a long way […]

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18 Dec

Great Expectations

Expectations are funny things aren’t they? Somewhat of a two-edged sword, a solid expectation can lead your team, company, or marriage to the next level. But a misguided or faulty expectation can just as easily make life very painful, leading to failed relationships and disillusioned family members. A healthy individual is able to look at […]

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16 Dec

Holiday Blues!

It’s supposed to be the happiest time of year, family and friends around the dinner table, enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately for many of us, the holidays can be anything but the pipe dream regurgitated to us via Christmas music and holiday fanfare. Instead, we’re left trying to regulate our neurotic family member or avoid […]

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