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Are You Emotionally Healthy?

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016

When it comes to spring we often think of it as a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a way to start over and prepare for the new growth ahead. One way we celebrate the kickoff of spring is by doing a little bit of spring-cleaning, we get rid of the old, decide what is worth keeping and start over with the things we really want. Since spring is a way to start things fresh we can also take things a step further and look inside ourselves and do some “spring cleaning” on an emotional level.

If you physically over-tax your body, over time you shouldn’t be surprised if your body becomes weak and starts to break down. Your emotional health is subject to the same rules, meaning that it can only take so much stress before it starts to break down and interfere with our relationships in a negative way. Many people neglect their emotional health thinking that they have everything under control and their relationships are fine just the way that they are. Here is a list of things to look at when considering how emotionally healthy you are:

You only see things from your own point of view. Do you often think you are right and disrespect those who think differently than you? This could be a sign that you are not emotionally healthy. Try seeing things differently by putting yourself in the shoes of others and looking at how they might be thinking and feeling.

You lack empathy for those around you. If you aren’t empathetic then you won’t be able to see the point of view of others and this hinders you from growing emotionally and will hinder your relationships.

You are always worried about something. You constantly have things on your mind that you are worried about. You are unable to sleep because your mind just won’t shut off. Worry is unproductive and can waste mental energy. Worrying is bad for your health and never solves the problem.

You are unable to set boundaries. You are a people pleaser that will go to any length to do what others want even if it means you are unhappy. This often leads to people walking all over you and can give you the reputation of being a push over. You spare others but internalize your own feelings, which leads to all kinds of health problems that will affect your relationships in a negative way.

You are always angry about something. You are constantly thinking about what others have done to you and how you would get revenge if you could. Chronic anger raises blood pressure and in time affects your physical health and it causes others to avoid being around you. Instead of getting angry and letting the feeling roll over and over in your head, process why these things keep happening to you and why you continue to let them bother you. Make changes instead of letting anger rule you.

You are constantly judging others. You find yourself getting easily offended by how others choose to live their lives. You are unable to let others have thoughts and feelings that contradict you. The beauty of our relationships is being around others that are different than us. We can learn a lot from those who think and feel differently about the world. Take time to truly listen to others and maybe you can learn something new.

Are you constantly worried about what others think of you? Quit focusing on what others think of you and letting it hinder your goals and dreams. Take a few days to pay attention to how many times you use your words or actions to gain the approval of others.

Do you over-function? Decide to stop doing for other people what they should be doing for themselves. Take responsibility for establishing some boundaries in your relationships. Let go of trying to control others and quit taking responsibility for others in unhealthy ways.

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