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Anxiety, Fear & Stress: What can you do?

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015

Anxiety. It’s a subject many of us deal with but few know how to fix. Some stress in life is normal, as long as it is motivating you to take action. The problem happens when anxiety immobilizes us instead of pushing us to take action. Anxiety can ruin our lives if we let it. Anxiety can take many different forms. Here are some examples:

  • Having constant fear/anxiety with no particular cause (generalized anxiety).
  • Becoming a prisoner in your own home (agoraphobia).
  • Some people become enslaved to rituals and compulsions that they wish they didn’t have to perform (obsessive-compulsive disorder).
  • Preventing others from certain conditions or objects (specific phobias).
  • Feeling as if you are always close to physical danger or about to die (panic attacks).
  • Blocking people from functioning in social situations (social anxiety).

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety can be the result of traumatic experience, underlying components of depression, a personality disorder, or our negative thought patterns.

How do we fix it?

Step 1: Recognize your fear and face the thing that you have been dreading.

Focus on it, think about it and when the anxiety kicks in don’t avoid the feeling. Start being proactive and think of a solution to what you are anxious about. In time the thing you feared will no longer have the power over you that it once did.

Step 2: Look for your irrational thoughts and negative thought patterns.

Cognitive-behavioral theory offers a great approach to anxiety. It is simply that our thoughts make us anxious. Feelings, thoughts, and behavior all form a triangle, each affecting the other two. When you change your thoughts, you will feel and act differently, eventually your feelings will follow your new thought pattern and the anxiety will decrease. Various contributors to cognitive therapy have identified certain cognitive errors or distortions, or irrational beliefs. By identifying the distortions in your thinking process, you can combat anxiety by recognizing that what you are afraid of is not as intimidating as you originally thought.

Step 3: Change your thinking!

Once you identify your irrational thinking, work on changing it. Instead of focusing on the fear look toward the solution to the problem. Remember, fear is a feeling, not truth. Be active and realistic in your approach to life, you will feel fear at some point in your life but staying there will only paralyze you and prevent personal growth. Anxiety is unpleasant and can interfere with your life, but you don’t have to let it take control. Understanding what anxiety is, where it comes from, and what you can do about it will help you to stay in control of your life.

It started out as an introductory lunch! Board member, Don Pearce, arranged the meeting between Jeff Cox and Jon Thompson with Dick & Rich Bott which quickly turned into a huge opportunity to share the story of Peace Partnership on air.  We received a 30-minute spot conversing with Dick Bott during his program “Dick Bott: The Complete Story”, which then aired the next day to all of the Missouri Bott Radio stations.

A couple weeks later, Craig Rookstool and Jon Thompson, were offered an interview with 90.9 The Bridge local radio station. To listen to these interviews, click the following link for the Bott Radio interview or for The Bridge interview.

We are beyond grateful for the wonderful opportunities to share our vision with everyone who will listen. Thank you Bott Radio and The Bridge! It was our pleasure working with both stations.

Thank You!

Fall has officially arrived! I love to see all the leaves changing colors this time of year. Here are some of the changes and happenings going on with Peace Partnership and some of the people we are pleased to include in our “Thank You Notes”:

  • Thank you, Bott Radio, for providing us with the opportunity to share with all of your Missouri listeners our heart and our passion. Dick & Rich, it was a pleasure collaborating with you for this radio interview!
  • Thank you to 90.9 The Bridge for the chance to speak about our work in our local community. We appreciate you connecting us with your audience.
  • Thank you, Burns & McDonnell Foundation Matching Gifts Fund, for contributing on behalf of one of our partners. We appreciate you valuing your employees and fostering generosity.

We greatly appreciate the financial support of our partners. Thank you for believing in what we do. If you would like to find out how to become a partner, please click on the link below or contact our Director of Development, Jeff Cox, at

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