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5 Thoughts That Kill Your Dreams

Posted by on Sep 1, 2017


What keeps you from following your dreams? There are several healthy reasons you shouldn’t follow some dreams, but what keeps you from following the good things you are interested in? Here are five reasons why I believe people give up on their dreams:

1. Disappointment. When we get hurt, we tend to recoil from the pain. We pull back from what disappointed us and resolve never to feel that emotion again. We say to ourselves, “That felt awful and I never want to experience that again.” This thinking causes us to believe it’s easier to not try at all than to try and fail. Disappointment causes us to give up on our dreams.

2. Fear. Fear is a self-imposed prison. Fear causes you to bury your dreams. Oftentimes we bury our dreams because we fear what might become true. Generally speaking, the more we don’t understand something, the more we fear it. Try to gain a better understanding of what causes you fear, not for the purpose of controlling what you don’t understand, but for the purposes of managing the fear itself.

3. Guilt. Guilt drains you of enormous amounts of energy. Unhealthy guilt places an emphasis on the wrong thing: Unhealthy guilt says, “I am a mistake.” Healthy guilt says, “I made a mistake.” You cannot feel guilty and confident at the same time. Guilt drives you to do things out of a sense of unhealthy compulsion rather than a sense of sincere commitment. Take a trip to the movie theatre, take a trip to the grocery store, but don’t take a guilt trip.

4. Bitterness. Bitterness is a type of emotional cancer. It will consume you. You will not be able to get on with the future when you’re constantly focused on past hurts. We can all remember hurtful things that people have said. Some of these things were said 5, 10, 20, maybe even 30 years ago! Bitterness is an emotional anchor dragging you down – let it go. Choose to look past these hurtful memories. Stop rehearsing past hurts in your mind and it will free you to pursue a better future.

5. Rejection. Rejection causes immense pain. It hurts us at the deepest levels of our being. It tells us there are people in the world that don’t want us. Rejection can freeze us in our current wounded state because of the hurt caused by past rejection, or the fear that is generated from anticipated rejection. Push through this hurt by “reframing” the thought in terms that more accurately reflects reality: “A few people may reject me, but there are many others who accept and love me.”

We will not achieve all our dreams, but that shouldn’t keep us from trying to attain some of them! How do we achieve our dreams? Make a plan. Planning is the difference between wishful thinking and a goal. Once you have a plan, see it through until one of two things happens: the plan falls apart or you succeed. As Dodinsky wrote, “The dreams of the broken are mightier than the wishes of the dead.”


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