Peace Partnership
3 Jan


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A collection of fantastic, thought-provoking quotes to start 2017 off right!   Thank You! As we welcome the new year, ready to embrace the adventures it brings, we want to encourage you to join us on this journey. Your support is a vital part of our work and we appreciate each and […]

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1 Dec


   Expressing our thanks to others is common practice. Often, from an early age we are required to practice our manners by saying please and thank you (albeit begrudgingly) at the request of our parents. With the season of giving and thankfulness upon us, this practice can do more than give us warm fuzzies […]

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1 Nov

Look Out – SAD Season Ahead!

  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a frigid winter in just a few short months. For many in the Midwest, as well as around the nation, this is a daunting and sad forecast. But for some, SAD is actually a legitimate reaction to winter weather. Around 4 to 6 percent of Americans struggle with Seasonal […]

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3 Oct

5 Tips For A Marriage Makeover

  Resolving conflict in a relationship doesn’t have to require a PhD in neuroscience. Here are five steps that help ensure a successful outcome during conflict resolution. Best of all, most of us already have these five skills, we just get out of the habit of using them. 1. Soften your startup. Bringing up issues […]

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2 Sept

How do you respond to the word “no”?

  No. Two letters — One syllable — One Word — No. It can be used as a noun, adverb, determiner, or explanation and is defined as a negative to express refusal, dissent, and denial, usually in response to a question. We use it regularly. It is a powerful word. We begin hearing the word […]

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