We are a close team of professionals whose passion is to provide essential counseling services at affordable rates.


It is no secret that counseling is expensive. More people would get help if they could afford the services. We are excited that we’ve found a way to offer the quality care and counseling support that everyone can utilize!

We love working with kids.

We use empathy and genuineness as our fundamental criteria for effective therapy.

Who we are...

We are focused on a meaningful, personal relationship.

Clinical Staff

Jon Thompson

Jon is the visionary. His 13 years spent in the mental healthcare field has allowed him a wide variety of personal and professional experiences. Jon worked for three years as a crisis counselor at a psychiatric hospital located outside of Denver, Colorado.

Jenny Farrow

Jenny loves working with kids and women. Her experience as a special education, kindergarten, and 2nd grade teacher has helped shape her passion to become a counselor.

Cary Corley

Cary was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He has experience in group counseling and individual therapy. He has worked at the Dallas Children‘s Advocacy Center and in the private practice sector.

Administrative Staff

Naomi Thompson

Naomi basically runs the show. She has over 11 years experience working as office manager in the dental field. Naomi holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Liberty University.

Jeff Cox

Jeff was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. He has worked in the private sector in finance and served as an Executive Pastor at Graceway church in Kansas City.

The people we work with are...

  • The most important people in the building; without their presence, there would be no need for the practice.
  • Not a cold statistic but a human being, with feelings and emotions like our own.
  • Not to be merely tolerated in order to complete our work; they are our work.
  • Not an interruption of our work, but instead the purpose for it.
  • Equal to us in every aspect of their humanity.

These principles are at the foundation of everything we do.

From the Newsletter

1 September

September 2015 Newsletter

The Advantage to Lying written by Jeff Cox, MS At Peace Partnership, we are obsessed with excellence. One of the benefits of this obsession with excellence is the many in-depth conversations I get to have with our counselors about psychology and human behavior. These conversations challenge me to be introspective, which I enjoy. A few […]

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Kindergarten Givers

“You are cool. I lick you.”

1st Grade Mighty Mites

“Thank you for giving me good ideas, they’re working!”

2nd Grade Line Leaders

“Thank you, you’ve made it to where I can make it through my life.”

3rd Grade Teacher’s Pet


“You are really funny and fun. Have you ever ridden a dolphin before? Cause I have on Sunday.”

4th Grade Hall Monitors


“You are super duper nice because you help me get along with my Mom.”

5th Grade King of the Playground

“I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for you.”

6th Grade Gold Star

“We value fun! Love what we do and do what we love.”

Custom Gift

“You make me crack up from when we had the warts.”


  • You know, it is hard for kids to open up to counselors. You make kids feel welcomed and okay with themselves including the baggage that they lug to school and back every day. For that, you deserve a medal. Have a great day.

    - E.W.
  • Jon is an extremely intelligent, skilled counselor. His knowledge and experience make him uniquely qualified to help children and families through their struggles.

    - Teacher
  • Listening is one of Jon’s best qualities. It’s the feeling that he is really hearing what I have to say and that he cares. Some people pretend to listen, but with Jon it’s genuine.

    - D.N.